What is The Pygmalion Effect Rosenthal Effect example and definition

What is The Pygmalion Effect (or Rosenthal Effect)? That’s the question we answer in this video tutorial.

Read the complete guide about The Pygmalion Effect here: http://jeroen-de-flander.com/the-pygmalion-effect-leadership/

The Pygmalion Effect (or Rosenthal effect) is a fascinating leadership phenomenon. The Pygmalion Effect – and counterpart Golem Effect – impact your performance.

When we expect low performance, our expectations kick-start a negative spiral that leads to low performance. “Underachievers grow accustomed to getting by with minimally acceptable performance simply because nothing more is expected of them.”

Just by replacing a management style of negative comments and neglect with a ‘can do’ approach, it was possible to turn the negative spiral into a positive one for over 50 percent. Imagine the power of The Pygmalion Effect if we apply a ‘can do’ management style to everyone in the team.

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