VISUAL Mnemonic for All the Conditions Having S-T Segment Elevation on EKG Machine Or EKG Monitor

Mnemonic for NEET-PG & USMLE ! Mnemonic for Medical Students. All the causes of S-T Segment Elevation in ekg machine is Described nicely! Its a VISUAL Mnemonic , Recall is very easy! mnemonic for mds pg ! Mnemonic can be Useful For USMLE also…
Almost all the causes have been covered…..
Hyperkalemia, Hypothermia, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Myocardial Infarction, Cardiac Aneurysm, CVA, BRUGADA SYNDROME, Pulmonary Embolism, Pericarditis, EARLY REPOLARIZATION
ST Segment Elevation Causes….
فيسوال منيمونيك لجميع الشروط وجود S-T الجزء الارتفاع على آلة تخطيط القلب أو رصد تخطيط القلب
VISUAL Mnemonic für alle Bedingungen mit S-T Segment Höhe auf EKG Maschine oder EKG Monitor
ECG 기계 또는 EKG 모니터에서 S-T 세그먼트 상승이있는 모든 조건에 대한 시각적 인 니모닉
Mnémonique VISUELLE pour toutes les conditions ayant une élévation du segment S-T sur une machine ECG ou un moniteur EKG
VISUAL Mnemonico per tutte le condizioni che hanno elevazione del segmento S-T sulla macchina ECG o sul monitor EKG
VISUAL Mnemonic voor alle condities met een S-T Segment Elevation op ECG Machine of EKG Monitor

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