Spinal Examination – 4K – Clinical Skills

This is a clinical examination of the spine following the approach in Macleod’s Clinical examination using the standard Look, Feel, Move approach of orthopaedic examinations.

Back pain and spine complaints are one of the most common reasons that patients will consult a doctor, so being able to correctly assess the spine is more than just an orthopaedic OSCE station, but is likely to be a large part of any students training and their training years as a junior doctor

Please note the spine examination should always include Schrober’s test, as well as assessing the limbs for any neurological signs if indicated in the history


Please note that there is no ABSOLUTE way to perform a clinical examination. Different institutions and even clinicians will have differing degrees of variations – the aim is the effectively identify medically relevant signs.

However during OSCE assessments. Different medical schools, nursing colleges and other health professional courses will have their own preferred approach to a clinical assessment – you should concentrate on THEIR marks schemes for your assessments.

The examination demonstrated here is derived from Macleods Clinical Examination – a recognised standard textbook for clinical skills.

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