Spinal Cord – Meninges and Internal Structure – Anatomy Tutorial


Anatomy tutorial on the meninges of the spinal cord and the basic internal structure. This tutorial uses a diagram of a transverse section of the spinal cord to illustrate the following anatomical structures:

– dura mater
– arachnoid mater
– pia mater
– subdural space
– subarachnoid space
– denticulate ligament
– dorsal root
– dorsal root ganglion
– ventral root
– sensory afferent fibres
– motor efferent fibres
– dorsal horn
– lateral horn
– ventral horn
– grey and white matter
– dorsal, lateral, ventral funiculus
– grey commissure
– white commissure
– central canal
– ascending and descending spinal tracts
– dorsal/posterior median sulcus
– ventral/anterior median fissure

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