Procrastination – 7 Steps to Cure

Procrastination is a common affliction. Here are 7 steps to cure your self to stop procrastinating!

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We examine the motivation equation by Piers Steel

Motivation = (Expectancy * Value) / (Impulsiveness * Delay)

Whereby Motivation is the willingness to do work, essentially the opposite of procrastination.

– Expectancy refers to how how much you expect to succeed at doing the task and thereby getting the anticipated reward.
– Value refers to how much you enjoy doing a task, and how much you’ll enjoy the reward.
– Impulsiveness refers to your tendency to get distracted by other things.
– Delay refers to the time lapse until receiving the anticipated reward

We want to maximize expectancy and value, as they are directly proportional to motivation, and we want to minimize impulsiveness and delay, as they are inversely proportional.

1 | Break Down the Steps 01:45

2 | Keep The Task Small 02:50

3 | Set the Bar Low 03:50

4 | Hack Pleasure from the Experience of Studying 04:30

5 | Use Parkinson’s Law to your Advantage 05:43

6 | Be Deliberate with Your Study Environment 06:35

7 | Understand Your Personality Type 07:30


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