Mnemonic for Causes Of High Protein In the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), Mnemonic for NEET-PG

Mnemonic for NEET-PG! Amazing Trick to Remember All the causes of Increased CSF (CerebroSpinal Fluid) Protien ! Diseases with High CSF Protein.
Association Mnemonic,, Which will help us For Better Recall !
All the Causes of Increased Protein in the CSF are Described Nicely,
Mnemonic for UG Students & PG Aspirants,, Helpful for USMLE…
Protein content of CSF Markedly Increases In These Condition,,,, Indicating Various conditions, Helpful for Diagnosis,,,
Helpful for CSF Analysis, CSF study, CSF content interpretation
Differential Diagnosis of Increased Protein In the CSF.
Condition like Guillian Barre syndrome, Meningitis, DM , Aquastic Neuroma , Spinal tumors etc are Described

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