How to Wake Up Early – And Not be Miserable

How to wake up early and not be tired: Learn how to make waking up early as painless as possible. We often have to wake up early at ungodly hours for work, school, or other responsibilities. In this video, I show you the lessons I learned from enduring challenging surgery rotations in medical school where I was waking up at 3:30AM on a regular basis. Along the way I learned to not only make it painless, but I also grew to like waking up early. That’s right, I grew to actually enjoy waking up early and I became a morning person. I’ll share with you the tips and tricks I learned on how to wake up early, sleep better, and be more productive in the process. Getting out of bed early in the morning doesn’t have to be a chore.

Items mentioned in the video:
-Philips Hue Starter Kit: (one of my favorite tech gadgets)
-Philips Wake Up Light: (great if you just want wake up light without the added features of the Hue smart lighting system)
-Black Out Curtains: (These are the ones that I used. They also are thermally insulated to keep make sure your room doesn’t get too cold at night)
-Sleep mask with eye contour:
-Ear plugs for sleep:
-Sound machine: (includes white noise and other sounds to help you sleep)
-Blue light blocking goggles: (decreases the harm done by computer screens late at night)

Part 2 on Sleep:


In this video I go over:
1. Basics of Sleep Hygiene
2. Consistency with Bed Time and Wake Up Time
3. Pre-bedtime Routine
4. Limiting Screen Use Near Bedtime
5. The Importance of an Alarm System that Works for You
6. Other Tips
7. Unexpected Benefits of Waking Up Early

Sleeping early and waking up early does not have to be a painful process. Use the tips here and hopefully you can grow to like it too. You may even grow to consider yourself a morning person like I do now. Waking up early allows you to get more done in a day (increases productivity), gives you more energy (when done correctly), and can help you feel more accomplished as you build momentum from an early start. Try waking up early for a few weeks and let us know how it works for you!



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