Grief or Bereavement

After at least 1 year (6 months for children) following the loss of a loved one, are you still feeling as bad (or worse) and having significant difficulty coping and functioning?

Grief is the price we pay for love and attachment. Losing something precious brings at least temporary heartbreak and sometimes lasting depression.

After experiencing the ultimate loss, the death of a loved one, we can experience severe and prolonged sadness, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating and fatigue.

Distinguishing between necessary and “normal” grief versus clinical depression or persistent complex bereavement is difficult.

Thoughts of suicide, persistent feelings of worthlessness, being out of touch with reality or having a complete breakdown in functioning are definite red flags.

There’s nothing absolute about 12 months (or 6 months for children) for duration of intense grief but it seems to be a reasonable guide.

Each individual suffering from grief, bereavement or loss has unique characteristics and should be thoroughly assessed.

Every person suffering from prolonged, persistent or complex bereavement or grief would benefit from connecting with a skilled psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy Matters makes it easier for you to search for a local therapist in your community.

Psychotherapy Matters virtual clinic allows the patient, psychotherapist, primary care physician, and psychiatrist to work collaboratively.

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