BEST Music to Help Study and Work to (from Study Music Project)

This is the BEST Study Music Playlist from Study Music Project and contains a collection of the TOP 10 MOST VIEWED study music from Study Music Project according to YouTube Analytics, by you, the smart, over-achieving student.

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The playlist is as follows:

1. Ever Eternity 00:09
2. Rain Has Gone 09:10
3. Rainy Nights 14:36
4. Save My Dreams 20:54
5. We’ll Meet Again 26:20
6. Starlight Memories 32:00
7. Time Castle 37:37
8. Midnight Coffee 42:12
9. Once Upon a Time 47:52
10. Etoile Filante 52:01
-special thanks to aznette for looking up the times.

Thank you for some of your feedback that you have left in the comments in my videos, which has been brought to my attention. Hopefully with this video, there will be LESS clicking, LESS discontinuity, and thus LESS distraction! (Unless you decide to scroll down and read the comments!)

Thank you as always for your support!

-Dennis Kuo
Study Music Project
(Music Producer, Artist, Doctor)


About time you started studying:

1. Select this playlist:
(Play All Study Music)
(Piano Study Music)
(Best Study Music ~ 1 hr long uninterrupted)
2. Adjust the volume to a soft/comfortable level.
3. Minimize your youtube window.
4. Study.

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