Pleural Effusion – Pulmonology

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Pleural Effusion:
A pleural effusion is an abnormal amount of fluid around the lung. Pleural effusions can result from many medical conditions. Most pleural effusions are not serious by themselves, but some require treatment to avoid problems.
Numerous medical conditions can cause pleural effusions. Some of the more common causes are:
— Congestive heart failure
— Pneumonia
— Liver disease (cirrhosis)
— End-stage renal disease
— Nephrotic syndrome
— Cancer
— Pulmonary embolism
— Lupus and other autoimmune conditions

Determining the cause of a pleural effusion is greatly facilitated by analysis of the pleural fluid. Thoracentesis is a simple bedside procedure with imaging guidance that permits fluid to be rapidly sampled, visualized, examined microscopically, and quantified for chemical and cellular content.
This tutorial covers:
— Loculation
— Lights Criteria
— Tap or No Tap
— Transudate > Exudate

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