Cephalosporins Explained Clearly

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Dr. Roger Seheult of http://www.medcram.com illustrates the key differences and coverage between the various types and generations of cephalosporin antibiotic medications:

0:24 – The five generations of cephalosporins.
0:50 – 1st generation of cephalosporins (cefazolin, cephalexin) and coverage.
2:10 – 2nd generation cephalosporins (cefuroxime, cefotetan).
3:11 – 3rd generation cephalosporins (ceftriaxone, cefotaxime, ceftazidime).
5:28 – 4th generation cephalosporins (cefepime).
6:57 – 5th generation cephalosporins (ceftolozane/tazobactam, ceftaroline).
10:00 – Combining an extended spectrum beta lactamase.
10:20 – Review of cephalosporin generations and cephalosporin coverage.

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