Cardiac Monitor (Telemetry) Lead Placement ;)

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This is a quick fun video to show you a little trick about how to place cardiac monitor leads also known as telemetry leads! When you are a cardiac nurse also known as a step down nurse, tele nurse, ICU nurse…. ect.
You will need to monitor your patients heart rhythm. To do this we use what is called a ECG machine or electrocardiogram… this measures the electrical activity that the heart is producing from each of the areas. This allows you to see what is physically going on in your patients heart. What is cool about this is that it is an extra way to monitor your patient close. Many times these machines are build in on the walls and can restrict the patients activity due to the length of the wire. On most of the units that I work in we have what is called a remote telemetry monitor. It is basically the size of a hand and can be placed in the patients hospital gown pocket. This allows the patient to room around the room & most of the time the rest of the unit and we will still be able to see out patients cardiac rhythm. So in this video I will show you how and where to place the leads so that you can properly monitor your patient. I will also show you a trick that will help you remember where the proper placement is.

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